Impex Vibrato 5.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker

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The Impex multimedia Bluetooth Speaker System delivers compelling, realistic and powerful audio output. The speakers come with exceptional sound clarity with its 5.1 channel. It is also compatible with multiple digital devices. Connect it through FM/ SD/ USB/ MMC as per your convenience. The remote control comes with an in-built sound equalizer and FM tuner to help you enjoy your music. It features an elegant style which blends in with the interiors of your home.

High Quality

The speaker system is made from high quality material which provides 5.1 channel surround system. This also ensures a pulsating and high bass sound experience that you will boost for.

Built-in Equalizer and FM

The sound system comes with an in-built equalizer that subtly boosts the effects of sound depending on the music you are listening to. The in-built FM radio lets you enjoy live music.

Memory Card Slot

The speaker comes with multiple connectivity ports for ease of use and added convenience. It also comes with a memory card slot for storing and saving your playlists.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The speaker can be also connected using Bluetooth connectivity. Music can also be streamed wireless over Bluetooth enabled devices from the comfort of your couch.

All-Function Remote

A fully functional remote control is provided with this system. This eliminates the need of walking up to the speakers every time you need to change a setting or skip a track.


The speaker system is compatible with multiple audio formats. It can also be connected using SD / USB/ and MMC as per your preference.


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