Impex Showy 750 Watts Dry Iron Box

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Impex is well known for its performance and propitious quality which ensures a longer life span maintaining the same unparalleled excellence. The light weight dry iron box provides smooth gliding across different garment surfaces. It also has the ability to smooth hard-to-reach areas with its 750 Watts of Power. This iron box is smartly designed to feature a comfortable grip handle for better performance and convenience of use. From cottons and linens to delicate silks, this style iron can effortlessly smooth away wrinkles gracefully, reducing your ironing time.

Multiple Temperature Adjustment

This iron box features multiple ergonomic temperature adjustment. The different temperature settings provided for fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, silk, rayon and nylon will protect your clothes from burns and overheating.

Light Weight

The stunning and smart iron box has a very lightweight design. This will allow you to iron all your clothes without hurting your wrist and arm. It also provides easy movement to iron the clothes with great comfort.

Teflon Coated Sole Plate

The iron box is skillfully designed to feature a Teflon coated sole plate and a precision tip. With just a quick press on the garment surface, a powerful force of heat instantly smooths away deep wrinkles.

Sleek Artistic design

The urbane artistic design will ensure that you are able to operate the iron box with ease. It also has a sleek handle with an enhanced comfortable grip to ensure that the iron excellently glides on the clothing.

Pliant Swivel cord

The 180 Degree pliant swivel cord will allow you to operate the iron box without experiencing those messy tangling wires. It will also simplify reaching difficult areas like collars and seams to provide precision detailed ironing.

PS Plastic Outer Body

The PS plastic outer body of the iron box is shock proof. On the other hand, it also provides a rugged body that withstands regular and rough usage. You can use the iron box without any hassle.


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