Impex Ritzy 1000 Watts Dry Iron Box

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Impex brings a light weight dry iron box. The iron features a heat resistant Amite Skite plate which smoothly irons your clothes. It is designed in such a way that it provides ease of ironing. It is also shockproof making it a reliable and safe option. It features an adjustable thermostat for different types of clothes, and has a pilot lamp which indicates the power mode.

Shockproof Plastic body

The iron box is made from shockproof plastic body, which makes it lightweight and durable to use. The use of this material provides you with complete ease especially when you are in the process of ironing those difficult and stubborn clothes.

Automatic Thermostat

The iron box comes with an automatic thermostat for temperature control. The main function of thermostat in an electric iron is to make sure that the iron does not get too hot if it is left unattended for a long period of time.

Swivel Cord

The iron box comes with a comfortable swivel cord. This makes it easy to maneuver without getting tangled while you are ironing your clothes. The chord is long enough to stretch evenly.

Ease of Use

Compact yet powerful, this easy-to-use nonstick iron is quite light in weight and can be used to iron clothes, curtain and drapes with absolute ease. The LED light indicator alerts you when your iron is hot and ready.

Temperature Adjustable Knob

The Iron also features a temperature adjustable knob. This helps in controlling the temperature settings of the iron based on the material or kind of clothing to be ironed. You can swap between low, medium and high settings.

Ergonomic Handle

The iron comes with an ergonomically designed handle which provides a better grip. The sturdy handle also ensures that the iron box does not slip or fall while you are ironing thereby protecting you from burns.



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