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Impex KTF-444 Aluminium Glass Nonstick Cookware Set

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Impex 3-piece cookware set gives you the option of cooking delicious meals. The set includes a tawa, kadai, fry pan along with a glass lid. Its high end non-stick coating makes the cookware set last long. Its high gauge aluminium adds on to its cooking efficiency. The stunning looks and striking color of the cookware set will definitely add a charm to your kitchen collection.

Complete Set

This set of cookware includes a sleek and stylish kadai pan, fry pan with common glass lid and a tawa pan. You will be able to finish most of your cooking needs with this utensil set in hand. This aluminium cookware set with 2.5mm thickness offers exceptionally durable quality and stands to the rigors of a busy kitchen.

High Grade Non-Stick Coating

These pans come with a high-grade non-stick coating. This nonstick coating allows for lower-fat cooking options. This saves on the use of excess oil during cooking. Even more, the nonstick coating helps prevent cooked food from adhering to the pan. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Alkali and Water Resistant with Metal Spoon Friendly

These pans are alkali and water resistant. This ensures that you can use the pans easily on a regular basis without worrying about any type of corrosion or rust. It is great for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. You can also make use of the metal spoon for cooking purpose in this cookware set.

Dishwasher Safe

These pans are completely dishwasher safe. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any type of scratches or marks after the wash. Due to their non stick feature, you can easily clean the pan after the usage.

Heat Resistant Outer Coating with Induction Base

These pans come with a heat resistant exterior paint which does not get spoilt with excessive use. It also comes with an induction base which helps in setting the heat evenly and makes it compatible with gas, electric and induction cooktops.

Glass lid and Sturdy Handles

The set also comes with a glass lid. This glass lid of the cookware set has an air vent or steam hole that provides security by releasing extra pressure of steam while cooking continuously. The sturdy handles facilitate good grip and stay cool on stove top.


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