Impex IL-677 LED Lantern Emergency Light

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Impex is a brand that offers a range of smart and compatible home appliances to meet up with all your day to day needs. This rechargeable LED Lantern illuminates your space with the most powerful and natural looking light. In addition, it comes in quite handy when you are camping or hiking outdoors.

High Quality

The lantern is manufactured from high quality material, which makes it durable and long lasting. It comes with a strong and break resistant front cover, which does not crack or break even when bumped or dropped down.

16 Bright LED Lights

The lantern comes with 16 bright SMD LEDs which helps in providing enhanced brightness. This helps in illuminating the surroundings to make everything visible within your reach.

Lithium Battery

The lantern comes with a long-life lithium Ion 2000mAH battery. This battery provides a backup of 6 hours with normal brightness and 3 hours with full brightness once it is completely charged.

Overcharge and Discharge Protection

The lantern comes with a full protection circuit inside. This cuts the inflow of current once the lantern is completely charged, thereby preventing it from the adverse effects of overcharging. It is a convenient and a safe option to be used at all times.

Charging Indicator

The lantern comes with a charging indicator which glows when the lantern is either low on charge or is completely charged. There is also a red light that glows when the light is placed for charging.

Durable Switch

The lantern comes with a durable switch for ease of use. You can move from full bright mode to normal mode with just a push of the switch. This is an option that comes in handy especially when you travelling or in a place with no electricity.


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