Impex IL-676 LED Lantern Emergency Light

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Impex is a brand that offers a range of smart and compatible home appliances to meet up with all your day to day needs. This rechargeable LED Lantern illuminates your space with the most powerful and natural looking light. In addition, it comes in quite handy when you are camping or hiking outdoors.

LI-ION Battery

This LED lantern is powered by the LI-ION battery. It is not just powerful, but also very durable and long lasting. Once charged, the lamp can illuminate your surroundings for hours.

Rugged Front Cover

The crystal-clear front cover of the lamp is very hard and rigid. This ensures bright and clear light in addition to providing safety during accidental falls and slips.

High Bright LED

This lantern features super bright SMD LEDs. The LEDs emit strong and powerful light that can illuminate a dark room instantly. In addition, it is quite safe on your eyes even if you sit close to it.

Overcharge and Over Discharge Protection

The LED lantern is designed to prevent damages that can be caused due to overcharging and discharging. The inflow of current automatically stops as the light gets completely charged.

Amazing Battery Backup

This LED lantern is designed to provide 3 hours of backup in full brightness and 6 hours of backup when used under normal brightness. It takes around 15 hours for this lantern to get completely charged.

Tough Plastic Body

The lantern has an ergonomic and compact design. The side switch features a sliding mechanism for easy operation. The handle is designed to provide a perfect grip to the users.


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